How to Grow Wheatgrass (Hydroponics)

How to Grow Wheatgrass (Hydroponic) 

For those of you not familiar with hydroponics, this is an awesome method to grow wheatgrass in water instead of soil.  It’s easy to do and you don’t have to deal with the dirt.

I will be using the Sproutman’s Soil or Soil-Free Wheatgrass Grower.

Day 1

Start out with just a little over a cup (1 cup – 1 1/3 cup) of good quality wheatgrass seeds which another name for it is wheat berries.  One way to decide how many seeds to use is by taking the seeds (before you soak in water) and spreading it on the  Soil-Free Seedling Flat only one layer deep.  Then measure that amount of seeds and use that amount every time you grow wheatgrass.

Soak the wheatgrass seeds for 8 hours in water.  Do not use reverse osmosis or distilled water since they lack mineral content that is beneficial.  Use water that you would drink yourself.

After the seeds have soaked for 8 hours spread the pre-soaked seeds evenly onto the Soil-Free Seedling Flat.  The picture shows the Plastic Sheet but those are not included any more in the kit.  The manufacture recommends placing brown wet paper towel onto the Soil-Free Seedling Flat, then placing the seeds right on top wet paper towel.

The seeds should be only one layer deep.  If your seeds are more than one layer deep your chances of mold will increase because not enough air will be able to get in between the seeds.  If you experience too much mold throughout the growing stages of your wheatgrass you might want to try using fewer seeds next time for better air circulation.

After spreading the seeds onto the Soil-Free Seedling Flat use the Black Germinating Lid to cover the seeds.  Mist the seeds later in the day with a spray bottle if the seeds appear dry.  Example:  If you soak the seeds before you go to bed when you wake up in the morning spread the seeds.  Cover with the lid.  Later in the evening around dinner time mist seeds with a spray bottle.  Or  If you start soaking the seeds early in the morning then around dinner time you spread the seeds and cover.  You won’t need use the spray bottle until the next morning.

The Black Germinating Lid helps keep moisture in and therefore preventing the seeds from drying out.  This lid also blocks out any light which is essential in the germinating period.  It is important to keep the seeds wet.  If your seeds get dry it might stop the seeds from growing and you might have to start all over again.

Day 2

Mist each seed using a water bottle 2 times a day.  Make sure each seed gets wet.  Cover again with the Black Germinating Lid.  Look under the Soil-Free Seedling Flat.  If there is water in the Growing Tray wipe out any water.  Try to keep the Growing Tray dry to prevent mold.  These seeds are starting to show signs of growth.

Day 3

The seeds are really starting to grow.  At this point the grass is white.  Continue to mist each seed with a spray bottle 2 times a day.  Make sure you get every seed wet.  On day 3 take off the Black Germinating Lid and put on the Clear Greenhouse Cover.  Place near a window from here on.

The Clear Greenhouse Cover acts like a greenhouse.  It allows the seeds to get some light since the cover is clear.  It also provides better air circulation since the lid is approximately 3″ tall vs the Black Germinating Lid which is only 1/2″ tall.

Clear Greenhouse Cover

Day 4

It is starting to turn green.  Mist with the spray bottle 2 times a day.  Check for mold.  If you spot mold then take off the Clear Greenhouse Cover for either all of the time or only part of the time.  If you take it off then you might have to mist more often so you don’t dry out the young shoots.  Too much moisture = mold.   Not enough moisture = dried out wheatgrass.

Day 5

If the roots have formed and are locking into place you can start using a sprayer head instead of the spray bottle.  Fill the tray with water until the water is covering the seeds. Shower each seed gently to wash away any mold that can be starting.   Let the wheatgrass seedlings soak in the water for about 30 seconds or more.  Reduce your watering to just once a day.  If seeds appear dry later in the day you can mist with the spray bottle.

Do not use the jet of water shown in this picture because the flow of water could be too strong and can cause holes from the seeds separating.

Empty out all the water.  Then tilt the Seedling Tray in the Growing Tray to drain the remainder of water.  Be careful not to tilt too much or your bed of wheatgrass could slide off.

Empty out any water left from watering and wipe dry.  Do this always from here on.

I mist it once with a spray bottle later in the day.  Seems like the seeds were dry.  At the time when I took these pictures it was winter and there was absolutely no humidity.  During the summer when it is high humidity I most likely won’t give it a mist of water.

Day 6

Showered with the faucet sprayer once.  When your grass is 1″ tall you can remove the Clear Greenhouse Cover from here on.

Day 7

Showered with the faucet sprayer once.  I Mist it later with spray bottle.

Day 8

Showered with the faucet sprayer once.

Day 9

Showered with faucet sprayer once.

Day 10

Showered with the faucet sprayer once.

The wheatgrass has really thickened up.

Day 11

Showered with the faucet sprayer once.

Day 12

Showered with the faucet sprayer once.

Day 13

Showered with the faucet sprayer once.

Day 14

Harvest your grass before it shows signs of aging.  The Temperature, how often you water, and the quality of seeds will have an influence on how high the wheatgrass will grow.  Usually harvesting takes place between day 10 – 14.

Clean up is so easy.  Just pull up the wheatgrass and the roots will easily separate from the Plastic Sheet.  Wash the tray with warm soapy water.

Now you are ready to juice wheatgrass!!!!

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15 Responses to How to Grow Wheatgrass (Hydroponics)

  1. khaled says:

    hi, i got a wheatgrass soilless kit. but it didnt come with those 2 sheets :(.. plz can u help me?

    • Juicer Depot says:

      The Sproutman’s Wheatgrass Grower does not come with the 3 plastic sheets anymore. The manufacture suggest to use wet paper towel instead of the sheets since it is more healthier than plastic and more effective long term alternative to plastic sheets. Thanks for asking so I can make a note of this on my blog.

  2. Marsella G says:

    Great tips, and pictures… You made it super easy! Thx :)

  3. karenp says:

    Can you please tell us what’s the difference between grown wheatgrass without soil and we ith soil, and wich one is the best for health

    • Juicer Depot says:

      Actually there is not a significant difference between soil vs. soil-less wheatgrass. To boost the nutrients when growing wheatgrass you can use liquid kelp to the water to enhance nutrients. Since there is not much difference I really like growing without soil because you don’t have to deal with messy dirt especially since the wheatgrass is grown indoors and I can grow wheatgrass 365 days out of the year indoors. So even in the winter I am able to grow wheatgrass. You can check out the book “Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine” which gives tons of info on wheatgrass. Hope this helps and thank so much for your question.

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  6. Karenp says:

    Thank you very mucho it helped me a lot, but right now I am using cocotech, it is being working good for me, but what do you think abut it?

  7. Karenp says:

    I am sorry, i forgo to tell, you did a great job with this blog.

  8. Carl Thomas says:

    Glade you like Joe’s moves on my site. I can see you already know how to grow wheatgrass, going by this page but I will say you can’t beat growing in soil. this way is convenient but the juice doesn’t taste as good. in my experience it tastes sweet. It feels stressed, in some way.

  9. I was wondering the best method if growing it for my pets, I bought some in produce last year but really want to keep a fresh supply during the winter. They were in heaven last winter when I brought it home.

    • Juicer Depot says:

      Do you have cats or dogs that like wheatgrass? My dogs are not interested in the wheatgrass I grow but I know that cat lovers say there cats love it. I will have to look into this more to see what method is better for pets.

  10. Thank you for this great article. Could you tell me why is important Black Germinating Lid and Clear Greenhouse Cover? I would like to make own system but I really want to now why you need them?

    Thank you

    • Juicer Depot says:

      The Black Germinating Lid is important to use because it provides a dark place for the seeds to germinate. It blocks out the light. It is a flat cover which holds in moisture to help keep the seeds wet. After a couple of days you would use the Clear Greenhouse Cover. This allows light in and provides more air circulation since this lid is approximately 3″ tall. It also holds in moisture but not as much as the Black Germinating Lid therefor reducing the chances of mold. Thanks for stopping by Marko.

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